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Hallmark Channel Pulls Zola Ads Featuring Brides Kissing

Hallmark Channel Pulls Zola Ads Featuring Brides Kissing

A spokesman for the channel stated the lesbian couple’s P.D.A. Violated its policies. Hallmark failed to reject a comparable advertisement featuring an opposite-sex couple.

The Hallmark Channel pulled four television advertisements featuring brides kissing one another on Thursday after a targeted campaign by way of a conservative team.

Expected to describe why the advertisements have been rejected, a worker of Hallmark’s moms and dad business stated the channel would not accept adverts “that are considered controversial, ” based on an e-mail change shared with the brand new York instances. A spokesman for Hallmark stated the women’s “public shows of affection” violated the channel’s policies, but he declined to touch upon why an ad that is nearly identical a wedding couple kissing had not been refused.

The a number of six ads, for the wedding ceremony planning web site Zola, first showed up regarding the Hallmark Channel on Dec. 2. The adverts, which function a few configurations of partners, all offer variants from the exact same concept: While standing in the altar, partners ponder whether visitors might have appeared on some time purchased them better gifts if just they’d created a customized wedding site with Zola.

The couples kiss at the altar and in the aisle, surrounded by friends in some of the ads. Almost all of the adverts function a same-sex female couple along side heterosexual partners. Among the six adverts is targeted on just the lesbian few.

Early this week, One Million Moms, an unit for the conservative United states Family Association that describes its objective once the “fight against indecency, ” published a petition urging Hallmark to “please reconsider airing commercials with same-sex partners.